Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whatup world tour

Hello internet,
It's funny that I start these blogs the same, but this is our first update in a while. We're currently sitting on some stuff, waiting for stuff to become official, etc, blah blah blah. First of all, thanks to everyone who came to our last show at the Mindset Record Release after show. We recorded the set and will put it on Photobooth records. Ahh Nick Heitman - I remember the first time I met him. He will totally refute this, but I swear to garybird it was at an Against Me! show, he was 14 and wearing purple leopard skin pants that were skin tight and a neon green shirt, and I instantly thought, "You know, one day, this guy is going to put out some stuff from my band!" I don't know what Garret looked like when he was 14, but we're excited to release this never the less.
With Mindset on tour, we haven't really planned any shows. We do have a weekend coming up that Reignition was so kind to invite us to complete the I Against I tour apparently. Check out the info:

May 22nd - Brooklyn, NY
May 23rd - Democracy Center in Harvard Sq. Boston, MASS
May 24th - Wallingford American Legion Hall

I'm not on the up and up on the details, but pay attention to our myspace, and I'm sure the info will be up eventually. Reignition's preorder is up on Thinkfast records site. Everyone should order it. Not many bands have a singer with a burrito hookup, if you catch my meaning.

We have beef with the following local bands:
New Praise record on React!
New Mindset record on React!
Broken Bodies

DO NOT check them out and see how awesome they are.

1b1b, baby: