Monday, August 16, 2010

What the fuck is the internet?

Hello internet,
We've been very busy and have much to update. First of all, we recently had the record release of our demo. If you didn't get one, well, they're all gone. We gave 5 back to Sean to put up on the website if you missed out.
We completed the recording of our next release on Youngblood. It will be out on Youngblood Showcase show.
Here are a few shows to keep in mind. Details on our myspace.
October 23rd - Youngblood Showcase show - CCAS
October 30th - Fall Brawl - Ottobar
November 5th - A Time We'll Remember Fest - All Souls Church

We're going to take a breather from shows after this. We're also planning a few weekends for December and January.

Peace out.