Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Day Arises

What's up internet,
We finally have some news to update you with. Check it out:

"If you follow our label then you know that we only release a few records per year and it’s not very often that we get to announce a new band on the label.

Sacred Love is a brand new band hailing from Baltimore, MD and we’re very excited to announce that we will be releasing their debut 7″ EP this summer. Sacred Love, featuring members of Mindset (Baltimore’s Third Hardest Band), Brick and Praise, formed in November of 2009 and quickly recorded an incredible demo in February, 2010. Ever since Ev from Sacred Love sent us the demo back in February, it’s been in constant rotation here at YBHQ.

Sacred Love cite the Bad Brains, Cro-Mags and the early Dischord roster as influences. We also hear a bit of Burn and Beyond in their music. Take a listen and judge for yourself.

With only a few shows and a damn impressive demo under their belts, Sacred Love are just getting started. We’re so excited about this band that we’re releasing a one-time pressing of their demo on vinyl as a precursor to their debut EP. Look for this limited 7″ to be out Mid-July.

Things are moving fast for Sacred Love and they already have enough new material to record their debut 7″ EP for Youngblood. Look for a release date of late Summer."

We couldn't be happier than to work with a label as amazing as Youngblood. To put our band in the same category as some of my favorites such as Desperate Measures, Striking Distance, Worn Thin, Carry On, and also some of my favorite current bands such as Iron Age and Lion of Judah, really makes my head hurt. Its really something that I still can't rap my head around.

Our demo tape release show will be June 19th. It is an all local show. It is 5 dollars. There is absolutely no reason for you not to go:
June 19th
Doors at 7pm
Police and Thieves
Sacred Love (Demo tape release show)
Eddie Brock
Pay No Mind

We have alot of local shows planned this summer. Keep tabs on our myspace for them.

We are playing Screaming For Change Fest in Vermont. We are very excited for this fest. It gives us the opportunity to share the stage with one of our favorite bands in Bane, as well as gives us the opportunity to cliff dive off 60 foot cliffs. More info on this soon.

Also, thanks to everyone in MASS and CT that checked us out on our weekend with Reignition. Reignition also just released their 7inch with Think Fast.

One more shout out to everyone who came to the Trash Talk show this past Wednesday. The turnout was amazing for something that was put on last minute.

Bands we support and you should check out if you had not already:
Broken Bodies
Cold and Come of Age
Rival Mob
Free Spirit