Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello internet,
Thanks to everyone who came out to the show yesterday. The turnout was much better than I anticipated, and I had alot of fun organizing the BBQ and swim party out front of the artspace. Thanks to Kara for the pool, Hatebreed Mike for cooking and bringing the grill, and everyone who brought food. I'm pretty bummed I didn't have my usual intensity, but since I just go over mono, I was left with no energy after the second song. That, and the fact that we had to follow Give, made me feel like our set was a bit lacking. But hey, can't win em all I guess. Anyway, we're playing alot of shows in July:

July 1st - Charm City Artspace w/ Battle
July 3rd - Screaming for Change fest in Vermont w/ Bane
July 11th - Skid Row Garage in York, PA w/ Reignition, Beartrap
July 29th - Golden West w/ Surroundings, Gray Ghost

We may also be adding one more show. Pay attention to our myspace for that.

If you couldn't make it to the show for a Demo tape, get in touch with Photobooth records for one. We will also have some available at shows.

We're beginning recording for our next release on Youngblood Records July 24th and are very excited. Expect 5-6 songs.


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