Friday, July 22, 2011

Update? Update!

What's up Internet,
I was thinking about how much I miss band blogs. They use to be so awesome to read. They were so much more intimate than anything myspace, facebook, bandcamp, soundclap, musiclap, treblecleffsrule, notesnshit, or any other of the social websites for music could offer. You can see the band's sense of humor, experience some inside jokes, and so much more. So, I decided to make a post. It's been a while, and a lot of things have happened since.
We have been having a great summer. It started with a great tour with our good friends in Homewrecker. Every city was a blast. We got to play alongside some cool bands, like Noose, FocusedxMinds, Bent Life, and Over Stars and Gutters. We also loved playing next door to such an inspirational and true hardcore band like Crossfade in Johnson City. Their constant references to woman's rights was truly a delight. It was a great time, and we enjoyed the great amount of southern hospitality we received.
We also had a short sequel to the winter blockbuster Praise Love tour. Unfortunately some of the original cast members like Dead End Path and Stick Together could not participate in the sequel, as they had prior commitments with another studio. Despite the loss of these crucial co stars, we found some good new characters, such as Alert playing the role as "the tardy kid." There was a pivotal scene, where Keith from Alert challenged me to Street Fighter 4, and I beat him so badly, that he started crying. Also, we had Police and Thieves playing the role as "the much older friend." We also had a nice cameo from Deathbed as "the Slipknot kid." We felt, with these new characters, it lived up to the promise of the original.
Shows for the rest of the summer? We will be participating at the This Is Hardcore Festival, playing with our label mates Face Reality, our friends and spiritual advisers Mindset, and Disengage, who are... you guessed it... our friends. There are many awesome bands playing it, but chances are, if you're hearing about this now for the first time, you are shit out of luck. Other than TIH, we are hunkering down, and working on new material. We have plans for a split, and (fingers crossed), a full length sometime in the near future.
Speaking of records, our record "Dividing Lines" is finally out. You can download it here, and hey, if you like it, you can purchase it here, but you know, no pressure.
Keep an ear out for Youngblood showcase. News on that soon.


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